Fusion Disciplines 



FUSION students will be provided with a working depth in the scientific domain underlying the current session's program.  To the degree possible Ph.D students will be selected from a program where live invention disclosures can be selected for team use. 

We believe that a functional understanding of the scientific domain underlying technological innovation is critical for business and legal professionals attempting to identify, understand and cultivate value.  Further, we believe the scientist as a team member to this process, can develop a valuable understanding of the application, value and strategy necessary to deliver good science to end users.


2009-10 Scientific Focus: Genomics and Genetic Diagnostics

2011-12 Scientific Focus: Neuromodulation and Nerve Stimulation Technologies

2012-13 Scientific Focus - Advanced Energy Technologies & Systems

2013-14 Scientific Focus - Neuro Device Platform Technology Innovation

2014-15 Scientific Focus - Advanced Applications in Networked Neuro Devices

Fusion Disciplines







Science - the state of knowing; knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding.