Fusion Disciplines 



The relationship between innovation, commercialization and law is robust and deep.  through the fusion program, students will be immersed in and taught a working knowledge in the following domains:

Intellectual Property Law - Students will be exposed to the fundamental doctrines underlying intellectual property cultivation and protection, with a particular emphasis on patent law and trade secrets.  Teams will be required to analyze newly disclosed intellectual property in terms of protection strategies and approaches to cultivation.  Throughout the Fusion coursework, students will be challenged to deepen their understanding of the options for securing and enhancing the asset value of intellectual property as well as the means through which that value can be transferred to (or secured from) others.

Corporate Law Fundamentals- Students will be introduced to basic concepts of corporate law in terms of the structure and functionality of corporate entities and their impact on commercialization and investment processes.  Additional emphasis will be placed on the transactional tools available to drive the commercialization process, including joint development, licensing and other contracting modes typically involved in the technology transfer and commercialization process.  Investment and governance contracting processes will also be a focus of student team work, with an exposure to the process of identifying and negotiating the terms and conditions of investment in new technology ventures.

Securities Law and Investment- Students will be exposed to select state and federal laws governing investment transactions, with a particular emphasis on disclosure.

Industry Regulation - Students will be given an exposure to the relevant regulations affecting the path to market and defining technology product characteristics.  For life science applications, students will be exposed to the regulatory processes related to proving safety and efficacy of a  new medical innovation (e.g., the FDA approval process) with an adequate level of detail necessary to support business and financial decision-making.




Fusion Disciplines







Law - a body of customs, practices, and rules binding on a community.