Fusion Disciplines 



Fusion student teams will be exposed to the fundamentals of management necessary to  support the process of identifying value and taking new technology to market.  Students will be given a deep exposure to the functional management concepts that underlie the process of understanding and advancing business opportunities, including:

Financial Modeling - Students will be given an overview of basic finance concepts underlying the understanding of a business opportunity, along with exposure to fundamental modeling techniques necessary to build and expand scenarios. 

Understanding Value - Students will create valuation frameworks based on financial models, learning basic techniques for depicting capital cost scenarios, discounted cash flows and projected terminal values while working with and understanding industry comparables. With these fundamentals in place, students will develop sensitivity and multi-variate value scenarios specific to the industry setting they are working in.

Industry Structure - Students will be exposed to general and specific industry drivers, including segmentation, channels and value chains, learning how to use these and other variables to develop working models for product commercialization. A special emphasis will be placed on identifying and understanding specific risks, hurdles and opportunities within a given industry framework, including regulation, customer definition, driver sensitivity and resource management.

The Collaborative Process - Early stage development often involves dynamic collaborations to develop, manufacture and market final products. Students will be introduced to the process of engaging, managing and leveraging collaborations in a strategic context. Further, students will be given a working exposure to negotiation techniques, working in simulations to structure, design and negotiate working relationships necessary to support fundamental aspects of collaborative commercialization scenarios.

Fusion Disciplines







Management - to handle or direct with a degree of skill; judicious use of means to accomplish an end.