2009-10 Scientific Focus: 

Genomics and Genetic Diagnostics 

In our pilot year, Dr. Joseph Nadeau, Director of Research and Academic Affairs at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle (then chair of Genetics at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine), guided students through an understanding of the science and applications of human genomics. Working with Dr. Nadeau's career understanding of this fast-moving field, students cultivated product concepts and business models to commercialize diagnostics related to HIV and cancer.

Students were also provided with access to clinicians, start-up companies, venture capitalists and intellectual property law experts to help broaden and deepen their understanding of the potential and practical applications for their team's discovery.






2009-10 Scientific Focus: Genomics and Genetic Diagnostics

2011-12 Scientific Focus: Neuromodulation and Nerve Stimulation Technologies

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