Fusion Skills Development 


Business and Financial Modelling 

Students will be given an overview of basic finance concepts underlying the understanding of a business opportunities, along with exposure to fundamental modeling techniques necessary to build and expand scenarios. Specific skill areas include the following:

Revenue Modeling - Understanding the drivers underlying revenue generation along with related assumptions regarding growth, demand, pricing and building market share.

Operational modeling - Building high level models to capture enterprise and development costs, financnial implications of market entry strategies and key variables underlying the commercialization process.

Valuation - Creating valuation frameworks based on financial models, basic techniques for depicting capital cost scenarios, discounted cash flows and projected terminal values while working with and understanding industry comparables. With these funamentals in place, students will develop sensitivty and multi-variate value scenarios specific to the industry setting they are working in.

Financing Strategies - Developing models for attracting and managing a range of financial resources and the attendent impacts these have on financial and equity structures.