Fusion Skills Development 


Communicating Value 

A thorough understanding of the potential opportunity and workable models for commercialization drive stellar business plans and investmetn pitches. Whether to outside investors (e.g., Venture Captialists) or inside management teams that control budget decisions, an "investible" opportunity requires clear story telling, focussed outcomes along with an amalgum of passionate interest in the given opportunity matched with the right resources for the job. Specific skills include:

Business Planning - with the development of a thorough opportunity assessment and related business models, students will develop compelling, investible plans for commercialization.

Pitching and Story Telling - students will be exposed to basic techniques for delivering compelling and well-reasoned presentations of their given opporutnities.

Product Positioning - Students will be given the opportunty to understand factors driving adoption for given technology products and to cultivate messaging that underlies the process of garnering investment. and generating revenue.