Fusion– An Inter-Disciplinary Environment Tailored to Candidates in the CWRU MBA, JD, and Graduate-level Science/Engineering Programs

Interdisciplinary Focus 

Six courses comprise a curriculum that reflects the following key themes:

  • Interdisciplinary teams of students work together on complex scientific, legal, and industry challenges.

  • Students are exposed to the technical substance of opportunity assessment and innovation, with immediate exposure to national leaders in the field of design, entrepreneurship and venture finance.

  • Students learn to apply models for valuing, managing and commercializing technology that impart intellectual property fundamentals and both, legal and business perspectives.

Students desiring to complete the certificate are required to successfully pass four of the five courses. Each student is required to pass Courses II and III (defined below), which serve as core courses; each student must then elect to pass a coupling of either: Courses I and VI (collectively “Design and Creativity”) or Courses IV and V (collectively “Design in Management”).


Fusion Brings together the Disciplines of: