Fusion Coursework

Fusion Coursework is driven by the premise that the intersection of societal need and economic opportunity is driving the national movement toward innovation and "technological relevance." Fusion's five in-depth courses create a substantive foundation for success in the real-world.


Interdisciplinary Perspectives


Fusion’s approach is developed around the notion that knowledge of multiple disciplinary perspectives can advance the impact of invention. Fusion brings graduate students together from Law, Business and Science and exposes them to "deep dives" in relevant background subject matter.


Applied Skills Development

Integrated opportunities are offered to further develop a substantive understanding through exposure to working situations. Blending substantive knowledge and skills development, Fusion students learn how to utilize fundamental tools to cultivate opportunity.


About Fusion


Highlight: Scientific & Technology Focus:
The Internet of Things

A main thrust of the FUSION program is to dive deeply into a chosen technological field, providing student teams with both a hands-on opportunity to cultivate a new invention in that field, as well as working through case studies and scenarios related to that field.

During this academic year, we are examining use cases and student-designed projects based on a proprietary hardware and software solution that covers the waterfront of home and industrial uses, currently being commercialized by a regional startup company, Intwine Connect, LLC. Collaborators and speakers include IP specialists, scientific partners and Case Western Reserve's Institute for Smart, Secure and Connected Systems .

Student applications include healthcare, agriculture and air quality monitoring and include a full assessment of the development, intellectual property strategy and business case for each application.











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